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Discount Jukebox Karaoke Hire Bella Vista

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Sydney Jukebox Hire Since 1978

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Bella Vista Jukebox Hire

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Discount Jukebox Hire

Specialising in Bella Vista Baulkham Hills Castle Hill and surrounding areas of Sydney.

We're here to make your life easier. No doubt if you are having a party you've been thinking ways to make your event memorable. Well we have the perfect solution!...Hire one of our Digital Jukebox Karaoke four-in-one systems. We offer free delivery with next day pick-up.

Trust the experts, we have been in the hire business for over thirty years and have an unblemished reputation within the industry

For more information call 02 9809 5915 now and talk to one of our friendly staff or click on the online quote button for a very competitive price

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02 9809 5916

Perfect For 18 Birthday Parties, Engagements, Weddings, 21st, 40th, Children's Parties Etc

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Interesting Facts About Bella Vista

In 1799 Joseph Foveaux was granted 400 hectares (980 acres) which, in addition to other purchases, he sold to John Macarthur in 1801. John Macarthur enlarged this through additional purchases until it comprised around 810 hectares (2,000 acres). John and Elizabeth Macarthur farmed sheep on this property in addition to their properties at Camden and Parramatta. For much of the time that the Macarthur's owned this farm John was overseas and it fell to Elizabeth to manage the various Macarthur properties and flocks. During this time reference is made by her to "my Seven Hills Farm".

Although claims are made by some that the Seven Hills Farm was used exclusively by the Macarthurs for the breeding of their merino flocks, this is clearly not the case as the documentary evidence of the Macarthur papers shows that their Merino rams were paddocked at Elizabeth Farm at Parramatta. The Seven Hills farm was isolated and stock there were always in danger from theft and aboriginal attack. Two of Macarthur's stockmen were killed on the farm by natives in 1805. In fact the sheep at the Macarthur's Seven Hills farm had their genesis in the 600 sheep which were purchased from Foveaux at the same time as the property. What can justifiably be claimed about the site is that it was one of the first major Australian sheep breeding farms and that the results later achieved at Camden with fine merino sheep only followed Elizabeth's efforts at Seven Hills. Part of this land was later acquired by the Pearce family and became known as Bella Vista.  (Wikipedia)



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