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Discount Jukebox Karaoke Hire Castle Hill
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Castle Hill Jukebox Hire


Discount Jukebox Hire

Specialising in the Castle Hill Cherrybrook Beecroft and surrounding areas of Sydney.  Our Digital Video Jukebox Karaoke Systems are second to none, comprising of two touch screens which enables you to select the songs of your choice and view the associated video clip. You can at any time convert this Jukebox into a Karaoke System at any time simply by keying in a password. The top screen functions as a display for the video clips, or if you are in the Karaoke mode it will display the words.  Also simply at the touch of a button you can convert this top screen into a Photo Booth and access the Photo Booth option, simply set the overlay you want, touch the screen and the Jukebox will take photos of you making silly poses. Perfect for theme and fancy dress parties.

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Perfect For 18 Birthday Parties, Engagements, Weddings, 21st, 40th, Children's Parties Etc

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Interesting Facts About Castle Hill

The land that is now called Castle Hill was originally home to the Bidjigal people, who are believed to be a clan of the Dharuk people, who occupied all the land to the immediate west of Sydney. The best-known Aboriginal person from that time is Pemulwuy, a Bidjigal leader who led the resistance movement against settlers, including sacking farms in Castle Hill, before his eventual capture and dispatch by local law enforcement.

The Bidjigal people are today commemorated by Bidjigal Reserve which straddles the suburbs of Castle Hill, Baulkham HillsNorth Rocks and West Pennant Hills.

The first European visitors to the district were led by Governor Phillip in April 1791 accompanied by an entourage. Travelling from Parramatta reaching the 'hills' following the Aboriginal trails, which today are overlaid by the Windsor and Old Northern Roads. As Governor he needed to find new country for settlement and farming land for crops so as to feed a struggling infant colony.[4]

Governor King began Government Farm 3 there on 8 July 1801, referring to it as "Castle Hill" on 1 March 1802. The majority of the convicts who worked the prison farm were Irish Catholics, many having been transported for seditious activity in 1798. The most notorious incident being the Battle of Vinegar Hill where around 39 were slaughtered. They were branded "politicals" and exiled for life, never to return.  (Wikipedia)



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